Like acid burning the inside of my throat

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cheap Canada Goose But the consultant didn’t beat about the bush as she told me the tumour they found in my neck was cancerous.”I was thinking, ‘No, that can’t be right,’ and I asked her to say that again and when she did I just sat there dumbstruck.”Within a week, Donald was being operated on in the Southern General Hospital to cut out tumours which had spread from his neck to his throat.After 10 canada goose hat uk days’ recovery he had radiotherapy five days a week for six weeks at the Beatson cancer centre in Glasgow. Then it was 12 hour sessions of chemotherapy as an inpatient.He said: “I never came out of the hospital for about seven weeks as I had a bad reaction to the chemotherapy drugs.”There was excruciating pain in my throat as I canada goose black friday canada was being sick. Like acid burning the inside of my throat.”As well as the chemo, I was given morphine and anti cheap canada goose vest sickness drugs. cheap Canada Goose

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